We’ll make your job palettable!

It seems like we’ve been constantly badgering on about colours recently, but they are really important. Did you know that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%?

To tail-end our trio of blog posts about colours, we’ve picked out the best tools to make your own palettes, rather than just picking colours out of a hat. They offer a whole heap of helpful stuff, so let’s dive in!

Adobe Colour

Adobe Colour is a free online tool which allows you to quickly build up colour schemes. Once you’ve chosen the colours, you can copy and paste the HEX or RBG codes to wherever you need them.

That’s not all – it also features hundreds of pre-made colour schemes for you to use in your own designs!

colour wheel

Brand Colours

Brand Colours is a great place for finding the colour codes of famous brands from around the world. So, if you’re looking to emulate the orange from Amazon or the blue from Tiffany’s, now you can!

If you’re in the same industry as one of the brands you’re looking to emulate, just be careful – some colours are trademarked in certain industries (e.g. Coca Cola red for drinks).

brand colours guide


Coolors is a purpose-built colour palette generator. The click of a button will immediately build you a custom palette, and you can pick and choose which colours to keep or change.

It comes in browser and app forms, and is probably our absolute favourite! Sometimes, I make colour palettes just because I feel like it!

fast colour palette genrator

Canva Colour Palette Generator

Canva is already a great design tool, but it is very helpful in creating colour palettes, too!

You can upload an image to get a palette from the photo, or you can use their colour combinations resource for endless ideas.

get colours from your photos

Colour Mind

If you’re a little bit more experimental, Colourmind uses a deep-learning algorithm to create colour palettes.

As different datasets are uploaded every day, if you check back on additional days, you’ll find something new!

colourmind colour schemes

There you go!

Well, there you have it – our five most-used tools for creating colour palettes! If you want help with your branding (including your colour palettes), let us know!