7 things that help you rank higher on Google

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What you can do to improve your google rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can seem really daunting and complicated, but it’s just a combination of little actions that help Google identify your site as relevant. Below is a list of things to do to help you improve your google rank for your keyword searches.

There are some really technical aspects to SEO that we’ve left out of this blog. However, to get Google to start displaying your brand’s website, the Identity Agency recommends taking these simple SEO steps.


Keywords are the terms that your potential audience types into Google. If you owned a Gin company in Lincoln, your keywords might include phrases such as ‘Local Gin Lincoln’ ‘Lincoln Gin’, and ‘Gin made in Lincoln’. It’s vital to understand your main keywords first as your content on your website and blogs will revolve around them.

If you want to rank higher for keywords then choosing niche keywords will improve your chances due to less competition from other sites but also a lower amount of people searching for them.

Using Google’s ‘Search Console’ will allow you to see search terms that your site showed up in. There’s some really useful information such as your current rankings for each keyword. It will also display your click-through rate, which is how many people who saw your site in a search clicked on it.

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Once you know what keywords you want to search for, you can start to optimise the pages on your site. A lot of this work is done to make sure that Google understands what content is on the page so it can show it to relevant searches. 

Firstly, your URL for every page should include your keywords. For instance http://www.identityagency.co.uk/put-keywords-here. This is a quick fix for all your pages and will start to help improve the visibility of your site.

You also have the option to include a meta description for each page. This does not directly impact your rankings. However, this description can be used to show the viewer what is on the page, and why they should click it.

Heading Tags

The next step is when building your pages to include the keywords in your title and heading tags. Not only in your H1 tags (these are your main headings) but also throughout the rest of the page. But make sure to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’, Google is smart enough to understand when you’re just stuffing your content with keywords just for the sake of it.

Keyword stuffing will actively hurt your SEO. However, as long as the keywords make sense, for example, with where they are included on the page, Google will see that page as more relevant.

Alt text

Alt text is essentially a written description of an image that is shown to Google. This might not seem like it has any relevance, but alt text on your images can go a long way. Images on your page are highly important in portraying to the reader what your message is. Google has a slight understanding of your image, but it’s easy for it to get confused. 

By including alt text and image descriptions you clarify to google what is in the image and why it’s there. By doing this, you ensure to Google that your images are relevant to the text and to its keywords.

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Content on the site

By far this is the most important aspect of your pages, the content in your pages should always answer what your audience has searched for. It needs to be relevant to the keywords you’re wanting to be ranked for, and generally just be useful. If Google sees that people stay on your pages for a while it indicates to them that your site was useful to that user and will move you up in the rankings.

This is the main reason blog content is important and worth your time. If you’re unsure how to write a blog the Identity Agency have a guide covering the basics of how to write a blog for your business.


Internal and external links help build your site’s authority. Hubspot uses this analogy: one way to think of it is if your business was a restaurant and someone wanted to know how good it was. If their friend who really into food was to recommend your restaurant they would trust them more than someone who is a stranger. 

This is the same with Links to your website. High authority links such as newspapers, a university, or a leading business will have more of an impact than some dodgy unknown site. At one point in time, businesses were buying external links, because it was all about the quantity of the links, rather than the quality. However, Google’s recent algorithm updates have helped to solve this problem. Do not buy links, it is equivalent to keyword stuffing and it will damage your SEO.

Track progress

Finally, it’s important to track the progress of your rankings for each keyword. This way, you know what keywords you need to improve on each week and write more content for. Moreover, it will indicate when you start to lose rankings and show you who your real competition is. Get into the habit of using Spyfu to track what your competitors are doing and how you can improve.

Help your SEO through blogging

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