About Identity

We made a short video for you that explains a little bit more about how we can help you grow.

About Identity

We’re a full-service creative agency based in central Lincoln. To find out more about us, click the button below to watch our video introduction.

We Grow Businesses:

Identity Agency help our clients to grow their businesses through graphic design, branding, website design, video, and social media. We’re chosen time and time again by customers for a variety of reasons – the main one? We’re a fantastic little agency.

The Story of

Our Agency:

Our Story:

In start-ups, things happen quickly! See how we managed to go from a sole trader with an idea to a multi-disciplined team while maintaining really stable growth rates.

Identity Agency’s Key Milestones:

Our agency has been around since 2019, and a lot has happened in between as we’ve grown rapidly into one awesome little agency with a strong reputation of caring for our clients and helping them grow.

January 2019

With one of his university friends, Tommy helped to brand an eSports team, creating a new logo, merchandise, and jerseys. This was the spark that got Tommy thinking he could turn these skills into a business.

March 2019

Griffin House Consultancy LinkedIn banner

We did work for our first ever client, creating social media banners for Griffin House Consultancy. Throughout the years since, Griffin House have remained our clients, and without their support, it’s highly unlikely we’d have been able to make this business work! ❤️

May 2021

Lincoln Sparkhouse and Enterprise building (our base)

Identity Agency, which was still essentially just Tommy, moved into a small unit inside Sparkhouse, a business incubation unit operated by the University of Lincoln. This was when the businesses started to seem ‘real’.

October 2021

Optimum safety project information and client information, brand safety guidelines with font and colour scheme

Tommy thought if he had an office in Lincoln and went networking with other local businesses, he’d be able to get work. He was wrong! We really struggled financially, and it wasn’t until we signed Optimum Safety on a large project that the business really started to take off. They’re still a client to this day, and owe them an awful lot – they saved us! ❤️

April 2022

We moved into a much nicer and larger unit in the Enterprise Building. The biggest benefit of the move was definitely the air conditioning, when it was 40 degrees in July 2022, the team brought food, drinks, and an Xbox to the office to stay in the cool as long as possible each day!

February 2024

Company Business Space

Having outgrown our space at Sparkhouse,  we decided to move the agency to a new office in ThinkTank. This new office provides us a much bigger space to grow.


Lincoln cathedral photograph

We’re focusing on growing our team, expanding our range of services, and continuing to please our existing clients so that we can maintain the stable levels of growth we’ve been achieving for the last two years.

Our CreativeSlightly WeirdKind of IntrovertedTalented Team

Our Awesome Team:

The reason we’re able to grow our clients businesses as well as we do is that we have a team packed full of varying skills. Alone, we’d be okay, but combined, we’re pretty awesome indeed (For nerds, think of us as a single infinity stone from Marvel – you’ll get our point).

The reason we’re able to grow our clients businesses as well as we do is that we have a team packed full of varying skills. Alone, we’d be okay, but combined, we’re pretty awesome indeed (For nerds, think of us as a single infinity stone from Marvel – you’ll get our point).

Thomas Atkins

Tommy, our founder, is the account manager for absolutely all of our clients.

Laura Whitehead

Laura is Head of Content. She plans, drafts, proofs, and delivers all of our content.

Stewart Leonard

Stewart is our developer (a real code geek), he maintains our clients’ websites.

Irene Ogedengbe

Irene is a general marketing intern on placement from the University of Lincoln.

Adam Watters

Adam works under Laura as one of our copywriters, creating social and website content.

Fajar Putra

Fajar is our illustrator, he creates logos, graphics, and general illustrations for our clients.

Why People Choose Us:

Why Choose Identity?

From our unique onboarding process to our risk-averse strategies, long-term vision, friendly team, and proven track record, we have much to offer. Dive in to discover what makes us the best choice for your business.

Our policy of typically onboarding only one new client per month guarantees personalised attention and superior service to our existing clients. It also means that we only commit to projects where we can make a significant impact, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied.

We advocate for sustainable growth. If a client’s goals appear too ambitious for their budget, we provide honest feedback and work together to identify the most reliable and risk-free strategies for achieving their business objectives, even when it means less money in our pocket.

We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, prioritising continuous success and growth over temporary achievements. Our goal is to be a constant in your journey towards business success.

Not only are we a team of skilled professionals, but we’re also genuinely nice people. We work hard, communicate effectively, and strive for transparency in everything we do. We use tools like Discord to keep things clear, ensuring our clients are always in the know.

We don’t just say we’re good, we prove it. We set realistic expectations, commit to projects we believe in, and provide transparent updates every step of the way. With us, you’re not just hiring an agency, you’re choosing a partner committed to delivering the best possible results.

How About a Chat?

Choosing an agency that is the right fit for both your business and your project is a really important step. Done right, it will help you get the results you need. We might not be the right agency for you, but if we’re not – we’ll tell you who we think you should speak to next!

Our Contact Form:

Contact Form: