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If you’re looking to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), have you thought about blogging? When used correctly, blogging can bring traffic to your website and demonstrate your credibility to your audience.

Starting and updating a blog helps keep traffic coming. If you utilise things like keywords and internal links, soon enough you could be pulling in larger audiences. Read on to find out all the good things that can come from blogging to improve your SEO!

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Using keywords in blog posts is very important. Keywords draw visitors in – you need to attract a relevant audience, so you have to target specifics! By using long-tail keywords (full search phrases like ‘where can I buy milk?’ as opposed to just ‘milk’), you can expect directly targeted results.

People searching for things like ‘near me’ or ‘closest’ can add to site visitor numbers if you’re nearby. This is why it’s helpful to use keywords targeted to location, as well as other factors – get creative here!

Increasing visibility

Increasing your search engine visibility means more potential customers for your website – but how?

By using the right keywords and slowly getting search engines to trust your website (Domain Authority), your blog will rank higher in search results. The higher you are, the more people are likely to choose you over anyone else.

If more people are visiting your website, it’s much more likely that they will become customers.

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Internal links

Internal links are, simply put, links on your pages that lead to other pages on your website. By using internal links, you can help aid navigation to and around your site. Making the most of internal links will also optimise your website for searches.

These links have the additional benefit of letting search engines accurately map out your website, which means they can understand more about your website and what it has to offer.

Embedding links in your blog posts will help your visitors learn more, whilst at the same time increasing your traffic and making it easier for your audience to find what they’re after. These links could be to other related blog posts, service or information pages on your site, or even to other websites that explain that topic further.

Personality and expertise

By making your brand’s personality and expertise the main focal point of your blog, you’re drawing attention to your position as the only sensible choice.

If your blog educates people, you are offering them valuable content. Sharing your expertise makes you a trusted figure. The more reputation your blog gets as a trustworthy and reliable source, the more familiarity you’ll see as repeat customers flock back to you.

Having a unique personality also has the added benefit of increasing user engagement, especially if you have a track record of answering their queries and questions.

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Parting thoughts:

Whew! Thanks for following along on this journey into the art of blog posts and search engine optimisation. Blogging ensures you’re reaching the numbers you’re capable of.

Remember to use keywords and internal links to make yourself visible. By using your authority and expertise to provide fresh, new and exciting content, your user experience will skyrocket your SEO.