The current forecast for digital design in 2023

Ever-evolving in both format and medium, this year looks exciting in terms of creative design potential. As visual communication becomes more and more sophisticated, so do the brilliant minds of excellent designers, creating awe-inspiring and gorgeous designs.

We’re keeping you ahead of the trends in this article, where we’ll be looking at some predicted trends that are already emerging for the year ahead. Our sources tell us that this year may just revolutionise the design industry, so read along to learn more!

AI Design

You’ve been living in a dank cavern if you’re not aware of the recent artificial intelligence uprising- we mean, advances. AI is a very mixed bag, with even more divided responses: will AI art forever impact artistic industries – and if so, for better or worse? It’s still early doors, so we’re just beginning to watch AI designs emerge into the industry.

We’re already seeing AI art generators like Adobe Firefly or Midjourney take the world by storm, creating intricate and professional-looking designs in a matter of seconds. Generative and algorithmic design is now the next big thing, whether you like it or not. Personally, we’re still on the fence here – but whatever your opinion, it’s undeniably making waves in 2023.

Lora is a classic yet modern serif font with a softer look than some slab fonts

Risograph prints

If you don’t already know what risograph prints are, they’re made using a high-volume print method, and have already had their heyday. However, they’re coming back with full force, along with abstract, whimsical designs.

Typically cheaper when producing 100+ prints of something, risographs allow for interesting and colourful designs. Also known as ‘digital screen printing’, risography follows a unique printing process to make intricate, colourful posters, zines and even calendars!

Holographic surrealism

This one’s quite specific, but it’s definitely one of the design trends getting an uptick in popularity. The future is at the forefront of many people’s minds, which also means it’s present in futuristic designs, too! 

Holographic surrealism creates an otherworldly, funky tone for graphics and is used for forward-thinking content. Usually, this would include a holographic tint on a shape or a minor detail, but there are many ways of utilising this design!

Arvo is a very versatile serif font

Modern nostalgia

It’s not just rose-tinted glasses; there is a nostalgic smell in the air! Back to the good old days of the early internet, simplified and retro designs are back with bite! Not only is there plenty of inspiration to pore over, but a blend of new and old can make for fresh designs.

Similar to modern logo redesigns capitalising on clean lines, a throwback means that many people will find something familiar in the new. This type of design may also increase the memorability of designs, acting as effective marketing.

Experimental fonts

Functional fonts were the go-to over the last couple of years, but now it seems like font designers are about to explode the landscape completely. There are so many experimental fonts to grace our vision already, from the warped wobbly psychedelic ones to geometric sans-serif ones, and many more!

Fonts are a unique way to express yourself and your brand, and keeping them new and exciting is a surefire way to do the same to your business. Although it doesn’t seem like it would do much, having an experimental font can communicate a lot about your company.

PT Serif is a Cyrillic-inspired font

Groovy, baby!

Anything could happen over the coming year, so keep your nose to the ground and you might just discover something incredible! Maybe an utterly bonkers design that you’d never imagine existing becomes a trend – maybe you’ll be the one to popularise something! If you want help with tracking trends, engrossing designs or anything else along those lines, get in touch with us today!