Don’t be a Robot: Humanise your Brand

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An introduction to not being a robot:

No matter what your business does, be that selling products or providing services, you first need to build a relationship and give people a reason to want to buy from you. Sound daunting? Well, don’t let it be – show your personality, because, at the end of the day – people buy from people.

Why you should humanise your brand:

To put it simply, people respond to people, so why turn into a robot? Relatable, interesting and human are the keywords in humanising your brand.  We’re all pretty nosey, and want to know who we’re dealing with – so why hide an employees personality through ridiculously formal communications?

Even sticking the writer’s name on a piece of content means that the reader can start to get to know an employee, and by extension, your business. I’m Megan by the way – The Identity Agency freelance out certain blog posts to me, and I usually write these on a Saturday morning with a coffee while watching some TV! 🙂

To humanise your brand, your tone of voice also needs to be fairly consistent throughout and most importantly, relatable to your target audience. For example, here at the Identity Agency, our tone of voice is friendly and conversational, we want it to come across that we are talking to you face to face and you can relate and understand what we are saying (I’m hoping you’re nodding your head in agreement now – or at least, now? Now? NOW?).


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How to humanise your brand:

Well, I’m hoping that I’ve given a couple of reasons for why you should humanise your brand. So let’s put a face to your business, and show that your brand is authentic and give your customers a reason to relate to it.

Creating a business persona

Start by creating a business persona, imagine that your brand is a specific individual, with their own traits and personality. The idea is to create a reliable and realistic representation of your target audience, envision a person you think would be most interested in your products and services. By creating a brand persona can really help establish trust with your customers and help maintain loyalty. 

Here are some points to consider when creating your brand personal:
  • What do they look like, are they human, an animal or an alien?
  • What traits does your brand want to highlight?
  • How do they speak? formal or informal?
  • What are their values?
  • What’s their personality like?
  • How do they engage with others?
  • Finally, put together typography styles and colours that will match the persona you have created.
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Be Transparent

What’s the story behind your business? Share it, let your audience get to know how and why you were established and tie in your stories with your mission and brand values. 

Build those relationships

Social media is constantly growing and changing. Facebook and Twitter are huge platforms and will likely not be disappearing anytime soon, so start connecting with people – ask them questions, create polls, show genuine interest, and create relatable content and if don’t correctly your audience will likely take a genuine interest. Social media is such a beneficial tool to get to know your audience better, so take the time to interact with them.

Show your appreciation

Every win has been helped by the support of your customers, be sure to show them you appreciate them and they have helped you in your success. Everyone likes to feel a part of something.

So, to summarise:

  • People buy from people – be a person
  • Generally don’t be a robot
  • Create a business persona

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