How to use the Google Search Console and why it’s important for SEO

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What is the Google Search Console?

Google describes the search console as a tool to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot the performance of your website for Google search results. 

Whilst this is only relevant for your site in Google searches – 92.47% (According to Statista) of all internet searches are made through Google, and this is the best tool to analyse your search performance on the platform.

Google Search Console has many different functions. The most useful feature is arguably the performance tab that lets you monitor 4 key areas. These areas are total clicks on your site, total impressions (views your site has had), the average click-through rate (how many people visit your site from Google), and your average position in Google searches (how close you are to the top of Google). 

The Search Console is really useful in monitoring performance, but can also be used to troubleshoot issues with pages. When your site was built or updated, errors may have been made that damage its ranking in the search results. The Search Console can help you identify and fix these issues.

Finally, the Console can be used to inspect your website’s usability and mobile performance. The search console will display any major issues with the page on mobile devices, such as ‘text is too small’ or ‘page elements too close together’. Mobile performance has a huge impact on your website’s SEO, so Google’s error reporting can often be a huge helping hand!



Why you should use the Google Search Console

Simply put, Google Search Console is one of the best ways to determine how well your SEO is working. It can highlight areas that need improvement as well as the keywords or key-phrases you might be missing on your website.  

As mentioned by Readz, the search query analytics will also show you what percentage of users are using mobile as well as other devices such as tablets. Knowing this information is key to optimising your site for user experience.

Along with AMP insights (Accelerated mobile pages), you can use the search console to understand what elements of the page need improvements.

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How to use the Google Search Console  

The performance tab is what will be used most. It allows you to track important information for searches for keywords and key phrases that your site contains. The best way to use this information is to create a spreadsheet with all the search terms in, and to take note of the current clicks, impressions and rankings for that search term. 

Once you have this data set out in a spreadsheet you can track it monthly, and update the data to track your progress. This is the easiest way to check the performance of your SEO. This will show you what search terms get you the most impressions, and you can choose to put more effort into raising the rank of particular search queries. The simplest way to raise your performance will be through written content containing the relevant keywords you’re looking to rank for.

Over time, you should see the position ranking improving or at least stay where it is. If the ranking decreases, then you know this is an area on your website that needs improvement.

Simple ways to improve your SEO

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