How to create content ideas for your blog

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Why good content is important for your business

Content is crucial for growing your business and engaging with your customers indirectly. Producing content on a regular basis will not only help you gain engagement and boost followers but it will also help in other areas like improving your SEO.

Producing content is a great way to demonstrate all that knowledge you have built up. Don’t worry or fear that you’re giving too much away to your customer. It’s likely that if they find your content useful they’ll come to you next time they’re stuck.

Good content must be relevant to what your customers are reading and the problems they are experiencing. If your content is irrelevant to them, or if they don’t find it useful they won’t click on your blog.

Good content should also be relevant to what your customers are reading and what problems they are experiencing. If your content is irrelevant to them or if they don’t find it useful they won’t click on your blog. 

How to create content ideas

Customer needs 

When creating content ideas on your own it is vital to understand who your customers and what their needs are. You need to have knowledge of their reading habits and what they engage with. To do this you can use my story brand (which is really helpful for creating customer personas) to ensure that the ideas you come up with will be useful to your customer. Whilst doing this, you might even come up with an idea or two.


Look at the competition’s content production. Use sites like Spyfu to see what blogs are being produced by your competitors and which ones customers are reading already. This will help you think of relevant ideas on topics that your audience find interesting.

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating ideas or content, you just need to do it. The more you write content, the more you’ll feel comfortable ‘just doing it’.


Think about your SEO and what keywords you want to rank high for. Write about them. Blogs are a great way to boost your website SEO as you can include a variety of keywords that are relevant. For instance, we wanted to boost our ranking in search results for Lincoln. To help with this we created a blog based on the top ten things to do in Lincoln after work. Including keywords and linking to websites based in Lincolnshire will help contribute towards boosting our SEO (albeit, in a very limited sense). 

Google Tools 

Google is your best friend when it comes to thinking of relevant ideas! You can use tools such as Google trends to find topics that are trending at the moment. These trends are more likely to receive clicks and/or likes. If you need more relevant ideas for your business you can use Google’s ‘related search’ at the bottom of a search result. This shows you what other people search for after entering that keyword or search query. 

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Creating content ideas in a group

If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of people, you can often benefit from brainstorming as a group. This is a great way to collect ideas from everyone because each individual will have insights into different areas of your business. Ideas will be generated for elements of your business that you might not have given thought to. There are some tips to brainstorming to help you get the most out of it. 


Brainstorming can easily go off topic and turn into a casual conversation with the group. Having a moderator keeps the group focussed on relevant ideas and topics. Crucially they will also take notes of the best ideas. The moderator is in charge of the brainstorming session and will enforce the time limit. 

Comfortable Group 

Choosing who is part of the brain dump could determine the success of the session. You need to pick a group of people that feel comfortable sharing ideas with each other. If the group doesn’t know each other well then members might be scared to voice their ideas in fear it won’t be good enough. 

However, if you do have to brainstorm with people that have never shared ideas before it would be a good idea to perform an icebreaker task before. This will help the group be more open and feel comfortable. Just try to create a comfortable environment.

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Brain dumping involves writing down every idea that your brain thinks of. No matter how irrelevant or wacky the idea is. This helps you or the group put their thoughts onto paper and make room for new ones. You never know what ideas you’re going to come up with in a brain dump, but one of them might just be perfect for your business. 

Time limits 

Groups of people work best when they’re put under pressure, by introducing a time limit to the brainstorming session, the group will be forced to work creatively and come up with out of the box ideas. Not every idea at this time will be useful or relevant, but at least one good idea should come from the activity. People may also think of good ideas long after the brainstorming is finished.

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