Our New Tree Planting Initiative

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The Identity Agency’s first steps to offset carbon emissions

Climate change is a clear global threat. The Identity Agency have started using More Trees to help Lincoln businesses offset their carbon emissions.

Identity Agency and More Trees

The Identity Agency have moved into a new Lincoln office. To celebrate this, we’ve started a new partnership with More Trees. One tree offsets 0.3t of CO2. This is equivalent to 732.9 miles driven in a standard car. Each new tree starts to add up. The Identity Agency has a target of planting one 100 trees throughout 2020.

More Trees was founded to make offsetting carbon emissions easier. 2.7 million trees are cut down each day. Each tree we plant plays a role in combatting climate change. More Trees currently have three ongoing projects. These are located in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti. Each project supports local communities and wildlife.

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Why the Identity Agency have launched this scheme.

The Identity Agency’s contribution doesn’t go far enough. We believe that all businesses should care about offsetting their environmental impact. Whether it’s staff driving to work, or lightbulbs in the office, businesses harm the environment. You should care about sustainability, and planting trees is one of the easiest ways to offset your carbon.

  • Trees hold an estimated 45% of all carbon that is stored on land 
  • 28,000 species are at threat due to deforestation 
  • In only 100 years, all rainforests could be destroyed
African elephant in the desert

When will Identity Agency plant trees?

We’ll plant trees every time one of the following events happens:

  • If you attend one of our events, we’ll plant a tree for you
  • If we guest-speak at one of your events, we’ll plant ten trees
  • Whenever a client pays one of our invoices, we’ll plant a tree
  • Whenever we outsource printing, we’ll plant a tree

Help us plant 100 trees throughout the remainder of 2021. If you’re a business, you should get in touch with More Trees. Start a similar scheme to offset the carbon you generate.

Book a free one-to-one appointment with an Identity Agency consultant by getting in touch. Just let us know a time, and a member of the team will be in touch with you very soon!

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