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The Identity Agency's business photography services

Photography can often be the cherry on top of a well-designed website or general brand image. At the Identity Agency, we're looking to help businesses give off the right impression in their business photos at an affordable price point.
We have a wide range of visual solutions for businesses, from employee portrait photography to events. We are also able to provide professional photo editing for no extra cost. So, let's show off your team, let's show off your products.
Product Shoots
Simple approach
Quick turnaround
Staff headshots

Photographs of your entire team, all taken on the same camera with the same lighting.


If we can't make you look good, or at least much better, there's something wrong.

Background matching

Ensure your employee headshots are uniform by having the same background, whether real or inserted in the editing process.

Product shooting

Products big or small, professionally shot at your location.

Background removal

We can remove the background manually, or shoot with a greenscreen.

Further editing

If you need the product to form part of a brochure or website page, for example.

Professional editing

We can edit photos in a wide range of ways, the only limit is your creativity.

Colour grading

Need that stale looking photograph inserting with some life? Sure, that's right up our street.

Object removal

Got something ruining your photo? We'll take it out like it was never there.

The Identity Agency travels to your location for an on-site shoot.

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