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Meet our Client:

Griffin House Consultancy were our first client and we’ve been working with them since May 2019 creating a variety of assets from training resources to promotional items.

Initial Problem:

Griffin House Consultancy, our first client, originally approached us in 2019 to help them create a range of graphics for a level one data protection course aimed at charities. They had previously worked with another graphic designer, but decided to take a chance on us when we had just started the business, and we’re forever grateful to them for it.

How We Helped:

We created a range of graphics for their course and some branding assets for their social media platforms. Impressed by our outputs and work ethic, we’ve been working together on a monthly retainer ever since, and it was thanks to them that we now have this incredible little agency.

A sample of our work:

Two Griffin House Consultancy blog posts
Griffin House Consultancy marketing and the law course book
Date protection training newsletter Griffin House Consultancy
Griffin House Consultancy LinkedIn banner
Data protection academy logo with colours Griffin House Consultancy
Griffin House Consultancy guide to data protection brochure
Griffin House Consultancy telemarketing and SMS marketing brochure