Top 10 Tips for Marketing Freshers

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Top Ten Tips for Marketing Freshers Starting at Lincoln University

First of all, welcome! Moving to a new city can be a scary experience. With many of our team being recent graduates, we know what it feels like and want you to know we are here for you!
So, if you have any questions about your course, work experience, connections or are just looking for advice, please feel free to contact me personally at

10. Don’t Jump in the Brayford…

We had to get this one out the way. Every fresher says they will jump into the Brayford at some point – we have to advise you not to. That Brayford is dirtier than first-year kitchens. It’s constantly green and full of algae and you really don’t want to be featured on Lincolnshirelive like this idiot. Leave the Brayford swimming for the Swans.

9. Join Societies!

Societies are the best way to find like-minded people with the same interests as you. Everyone is in the same boat of not knowing anyone, so don’t feel scared that you won’t know anyone there. Lincoln has plenty of great societies from sports to educational ones. 

Our personal favourite societies are the Harry Potter society and the Formula 1 society. For marketing specific societies, there’s the Creative Advertising society – check it out!

8. Do Online Courses – e.g. Hubspot and Google Garage

Online courses from Hubspot and Google Digital Garage can help fill out your CV with relevant certificates. This will genuinely help you stand out from other people on your course when applying for jobs. Moreover, you will learn about different areas that your university course won’t cover.

If you enjoyed a module about SEO and wanted to learn more about it, HubSpot does a detailed course on improving SEO and creating test sites to try new techniques. Google garage courses are longer than the HubSpot courses, but give you much more detail.

7. Work Experience from Future Careers Website

When it comes time to leave university (which comes around very quickly) and finding a job – having some relevant experience will be key. Luckily the University of Lincoln has some amazing grants that let you get paid to do work experience for real companies. This is how I got my job at the Identity Agency. I joined a one month scheme where I was paid around £1,000 for around 100 hours of work experience. I then joined the team full-time. You can view opportunities here

The scheme is a great way to earn yourself some money whilst advancing your career. Seriously, check it out.

6. Apply Marketing to What You Enjoy

The great thing about marketing is that it can be applied to almost anything. Whilst learning about theories at university might not be the most exciting thing you, will have plenty of assignments and group projects where you choose what to write about.

For example, I had a group project where we had to design a website around SEO. With a lot of the group being into fitness, we decided to create a site based on gym apparel. This helped keep me engaged and enjoying what I was writing about.

5. Build a LinkedIn profile

Linkedin has quickly become one of my most useful tools. From jobs to connections, LinkedIn is the best place to start to build a portfolio. Many recruiters, especially in marketing, will be checking your LinkedIn profile when you apply.

You can display previous work experiences such as future careers internship or certifications like the ones from Hubspot and Google Garage. It’s also a great place for you to demonstrate who you are and what you are interested in. Just by engaging with people on the platform, you will slowly develop connections.

My top tip for LinkedIn is don’t be afraid to message people in your industry asking for advice. People are always willing to give some advice and it could even end up leading to work experience or even a job.

4. Engage With Your Lecturers

Lecturers are not just teachers like in college or secondary school. They’ve been in the industry and worked for relevant companies. They have a vast list of connections in many different areas of marketing. Engaging in seminars and just asking questions is a perfect way to make yourself stand out.

They are also there for you if you need help or are interested in something – they will know how to help and get you involved. They might even know of some university schemes that can help you. Personally, a lecturer from my second year has been crucial in finding funding for one of my own projects as well as connecting me with people in the industry for that project.

3. Quirky CV

When it is time to finish university and apply for their jobs it’s going to be hard to stand out. Most of the people applying for the same job as you will also have a degree. It’s good to fill out your CV with work experience and online courses but even that might not be enough. You need something quirky and different.

This could be a CV designed on Photoshop or Canva, or even a portfolio of work you’ve done over the years that shows you have real-world experience. It might be an internship at an interesting company that you can talk about in an interview.

Make sure you stand out.

2. Contact Student Enterprise

Student Enterprise is an extension of the University of Lincoln and is there to support students in their own ventures. This could be workshops, mentoring or even access to some grants. The best part is that it’s all free to you as a Lincoln student.

I’ve had first hand support from student enterprises and was overwhelmed by their eagerness to help. They are genuinely there to support you if becoming self-employed is something you are interested in. 

Identity Agency office in Sparkhouse Lincoln

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Your Own Business or Instagram/Youtube

If you have ever wanted to start your own business or even think it might be something you want to try I cannot recommend enough that you do it. Especially whilst you’re at University! 

Being at University provides you with lots of support you’d never get if you weren’t enrolled. Here at Lincoln, we have Sparkhouse, which is dedicated to helping grow startups. They are always on hand to help students, whether that be advice or even help with funding! 

It doesn’t have to be a marketing business, it could be anything. Whilst it might feel uncomfortable starting your own business is, the quickest route to personal growth and will be great to talk about in future job applications. You will learn skills from the process that other job applicants simply don’t have.

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