To help the environment.

To offset your carbon.

To repair deforestation.

Because we want to.

We've partnered with More Trees

In May 2021, to celebrate moving into our new Lincoln office, our team at the Identity Agency have partnered with More Trees to plant trees on our behalf. More Trees are on a mission to plant one billion trees, and we want to help.
Climate change is destroying areas of our planet, with the average UK citizen producing 12.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. The Identity Agency pledge to donate directly to More Trees each time any of the following happens:
You attend an event
We guest-speak
You pay an invoice
We design print

The environment is kind of important, you know?

0 %

Of carbon dioxide

Is directly linked to fossil fuel usage, e.g. by driving to work.


Deforested acres

Each year, another 166.4m tonnes of carbon can't be removed.

Planting projects the Identity Agency supports

There are currently three projects that More Trees are working on with the help and support of NGOs and local governments.
  • 1

    Reforesting one of the world's top biodiversity conservation priorities.

  • 2

    Planting forests to support communities and home wildlife.

  • 3

    Planting trees to protect watersheds and improve food security.

  • 4

    When there are more projects to support, you'll hear about it here.

Would you like us to plant a tree for you?

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