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LinkedIn is the social networking platform of choice for many prominent businesses and their employees. Growing a responsive and receptive audience of both like-minded businesspeople and potential customers is important.

Like with any other social media platform, you have to promote yourself in the best light and make use of SEO in order to really make the most of the benefits LinkedIn offers. We’re going to walk you through how to best approach a company LinkedIn profile in order to maximise the chances of reaching a wider audience.

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Build your following

Optimising your page can net you more traffic, a better user experience, and many other benefits. Use keywords, write a strong ‘about’ section, link to your website and use every tool in your arsenal to get those followers flowing in. Hashtags are also valuable, as are tags and other plays to boost your following.

Also, make sure all the information you include is accurate. Linking to a defunct website or a hijacked hashtag will only plunge your image. Pages with fully completed information sections get 30% more weekly views.

Employee Advocacy

Your team members can really help get the message out there when spreading the word about your business. Encourage them to spread the word, link their pages to the business account and engage with anything the business does.

Linking their pages to the business account works wonders for promoting the business, as every time they make a new connection, they will be prompted to visit the business page, too.

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Linking and tagging

Adding a button on your website directing people to LinkedIn can send your biggest fans right to where they can interact directly with the business. They’ll be more likely to get involved positively, repost your content and boost your engagement. Try adding links in with your email signatures, or peppering these throughout your blog posts if relevant.

In your LinkedIn posts, you can tag other LinkedIn users. Use this to your advantage by promoting your posts to other people’s audience. This tactic works best when done in moderation, as well as with people you’d like associated with your business. However, don’t go overboard, or you’ll be getting blocked.


Based on key page metrics, you can adjust what you’re doing in order to net more of a following. Demographic information about visitors can be helpful when deciding on the direction to take next. Aligning your content with what visitors are searching for is a great way to promote your business in a more successful way.

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By sharing regular content, especially with a focus on key aspects within your knowledge-base that your audience may be looking for, you ensure your business is in a good position in terms of advertising itself. Content has to be posted regularly to maintain an image of an easily-reachable and modern company.

Human-friendly content trumps all, as some audiences may be scared away by cold and clinical algorithm fodder. Include interactive posts or polls in your post schedule, so that your audience feels comfortable interacting with your posts.


Invites on LinkedIn are how connections are formed. Like followers on Instagram, connections are how professionals connect with each other and give access to a person’s posts. In addition, connections can be shared between others, so they’re vital for spreading the message as far as it can go.

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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the strategy of producing helpful content to build trust among your prospects. It recognises the importance of a dedicated customer base first and foremost. By building lasting and meaningful relationships with initially attracted clients, they are engaged by your content and stay on to be further delighted.

To attract an audience, start by creating and publishing content. Blog articles, social media posts and other examples of content should be valuable enough for an audience to become engaged. Helping your audience is a key way to engage them. From then on, explore ways to satisfy your customers, and they will soon become your best promoters.

There you have it!

We’ve discussed how to grow your company’s LinkedIn page. Focusing on they key things we’ve covered, like linking and tagging to your heart’s content, studying analytics and prioritising inbound marketing, will mean you’ll explode into LinkedIn popularity in no time!