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Meet our Client:

Festico was a Lincoln-based startup alcohol brand founded by Charlie, an ex-Identity Agency employee, and Tommy, Identity Agency’s Managing Director.

Initial Problem:

When Identity Agency started helping Festico, Festico was just an idea. They had absolutely no branding materials or vision for what the product could be. If Festico was to move forwards, it needed a serious helping hand.

How We Helped:

Identity helped them build customer personas, perform market research, and begin shaping the brand. This included a variety of custom illustrators, and with the product type and target audience, it was exceptionally fun, allowing us to use our creativity to the maximum!

A sample of our work:

Festico logo
Icons of a bee, leaf, apple and selection of fruit including mango, pineapple and kiwi
Two Festico cans illustrated
Three Festico posters, including Festico at Axed Lincoln, Festico at Slow Rise Pizza and Festico with a controller and bees.
Social media posts of Festico cans in the wild. They look good.
White t-shirts with the Festico logo on the front and back, as well as a picture of the drinks on.