Stick to the script!

Script typefaces are directly influenced by handwriting and calligraphy, and share many of the same flowy accents and flourishes. They give a business a more authentic look, and are often used for companies associated with handmade items.

They aren’t often used for bodies of text, and are more commonly found in logo design than anywhere else. If you need to convey elegance, choose a script font! Read this article to discover the best free script typefaces to use in 2023.

dancing script typeface

Dancing Script

This font is used best when you want a friendly, informal and spontaneous look to your text. It was based on popular script typefaces from the 50’s.

Download Dancing Script here.

nanum pen script typeface

Nanum Pen Script

It was optimised for screen use, and has a warm touch to it, especially when in large sizes. There is also a brush script available.

Download Nanum Pen Script here.

euphoria script

Euphoria Script

It began with letterform sketches made by hand with a copperplate nib, which were redrawn digitally with the stroke endings of a brush script.

Download Euphoria script here.

galada typeface


It’s a thick font, created especially for Bengali and Latin characters. It makes writing very bold and distinctive.

Download Galada here.

clicker script typeface

Clicker Script

It is a very elegant script, and looks quite neat. The curves are quite small and very coiled.

Download Clicker Script here.

league script typeface

League Script

It is a very realistic portrayal of handwritten cursive, with thin loops. It looks very dainty, and feels romantic.

Download League Script here.

bad script typeface

Bad Script

It was made entirely on a tablet, made to imitate its creator’s handwriting, and is very neat. It conveys a casual tone.

Download Bad Script here.

Sarina typeface


This is a display typeface, offering a casual, breezy feeling. It has brush-style letterforms, and is appropriate for medium-to-larger sizes.

Download Sarina here.

Tangerine typeface


It is a calligraphic typeface, inspired by the 16th and 17th centuries. The typeface was named after a woman who encouraged the artist (Toshi Omagari) to begin his work.

Download Tangerine here.

Courgette typeface


It is a medium-contrast and brushy italic-script typeface. It was carefully made for the web and works in smaller-sized text.

Download Courgette here.

Before you go!

Thanks for reading our list! All of these fonts are available through Google Font Library, which means it’s okay to use for commercial purposes! If you’re looking for other fonts, make sure they have an open license before you use them on your branding!