Too bland? Time for a rebrand!

If your brand is feeling a little stagnant, there’s no harm in rebranding your business. Rebrands happen surprisingly often for many businesses, whether they’re attempting to stay with the times, or reinvent themselves. 

This blog post will explore five of the main reasons a company may decide to pursue a rebrand. Often, it’s through no fault of the business itself – a rebrand may be the last saving grace for a company, and should be undertaken carefully.

Plain products on a red background. A rebrand can give your business a much-needed boost.

Appealing to a new audience

When stepping into uncharted territory, you should firstly think about the audience you’re targeting. As they grow older, there’s a new generation to replace them, so you should be hot on trends and appeal to them in any way you can. Changing your image to appeal to a younger audience, who may have started their own new trends, can be a good reason for rebranding your business.

By carrying out a brand audit, you can see which elements of your branding are strongest. If these are working towards a brand image you’re proud of, keep at it! Otherwise, new visitors are probably not interested – so change tactics!

Business is booming

If your company has recently been enjoying the fruits of its labour (finally!), you might not think a rebrand would do any good. However, if you’ve expanded way past your initial goals or company manifesto, rebranding to bring your audience up to speed can help them stick around. A name change may be necessary due to language differences when branching out into foreign markets.

Another thing to consider is whether your company is too intrinsically linked to its past. For example, if you started off doing business in Hertfordshire, but have now moved to Harrow, you will want to update your social media accounts and website at the very least. If your company name also is location-based, you’ll want to think about heading in a new direction in terms of branding, too.

Rebranding your business can help distance it from negative associations.

Staying away from controversy

We all make mistakes. If there’s something you’d like to distance yourself from, it’s best to cut all ties with an immediate rebrand. Negative associations such as bad reviews or even a similarly-named company up to no good won’t do you any favours. However, there still needs to be some thought – rebrands are too expensive to implement as soon as you get one bad review!

As we briefly touched on, some brands may wish to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Sometimes a new company springs up with similar imagery – and there go your confused customers! It’s best to be bold, confident and unique when branding a business, so redesigning your business can be helpful for new and existing customers alike.

Repositioning and optimisation

Sometimes a brand needs to change its standpoint. If an upcoming financial shift approaches, a company may decide to change their message to something promoting good value or savings, and similarly, you’ll need to be clued up in order to see whether or not your brand needs to switch things up.

Along those lines, the invention of smartphones led many businesses to rebrand, or at least update their logos, as they wanted to be perceived as more modern. With other similar advances, brands decide on rebrands to match their market, which is why logos in particular have been constantly updated. Who knows what will come next?

Plain products on a pink background. A rebrand can help attract a new audience.

Spring cleaning an image!

Many brands have changed things since they’ve been introduced – sometimes, the world of business calls for something new and fresh in order to stay afloat. If a company appears old and outdated, they may lose customers, so a bit of revitalisation can sometimes be a reminder that your company is still going strong!

A brand’s communications should always be consistent and uniform across all of its materials – packaging, branding, websites – you name it. Otherwise, the well-oiled machine gets stiff and clunky. Sometimes, a rebrand is needed to tie up any loose ends and make sure the whole image is a lot more cohesive.

You’re now well-reasoned!

Thanks for reading as we discussed some company branding issues and why a company may be considering a rebrand. Any one of these is reason enough, but if you notice multiple glaring errors, get yourself in contact with us right away!